Conditions of membership

Becoming a member of the London Surf Club means that you are joining a close knit community of dedicated surfers, who surf all over the country throughout the year.


What you get by joining the club

As a passenger the club e-mail system will keep you in touch and gain you access to up to 50 drivers on any given weekday or weekend.

As a driver the club e-mail system will give you access to up to 200 passengers on any given weekday or weekend.

You will save your membership fee (by reducing your individual surfing costs) on your first trip alone!


What you need to do to join

Pay £40 subscription for your first 6 months.

Your membership will be extended to one year for free if you write a "trip report" in your first 6 months, or if you engage as an active member through the star credit system.

It is very important to read the club rules, as one of the biggest issues we have is administration (non-paid) created through members not understanding the rules.

As a club run by its members for its members, we expect everyone to participate and to contribute in some way. We sometimes ask people to do things such as organise "official" surf trips or social events, or do administrative tasks. These are allocated fairly, not to new members, and we provide support, but we do need them to be done in order to keep our 250-strong club ticking.

As a club we ask everyone to follow some basic but important etiquette:

We require all members to agree to these simple Conditions of Membership in order to join.