What you need to join the London Surf Club

In a nutshell you need all the kit and the keenness to use it regularly!

By that we mean a surfboard and a wetsuit, and for winter, boots, gloves and a hood/cap – or at least be prepared to buy it.

This is because we don’t promote the use of rental equipment as it restricts the surf trip. When we go surfing, picking spots to surf needs to be dynamic as the conditions constantly change. This means we may go to several breaks and never return to the spot we started. This means renting equipment, and sticking to the hours they’re open isn’t viable.

That’s why we insist that you have all the kit before you join the club.

But we can help and advise you on buying the kit if you don’t have it.

There is a thriving second-hand market for boards and wetsuits within the club, and we will also advise on where and how to buy second hand or new kit outside of the club – but we will not let you join if you don’t have the kit.

You don’t need a car to join the club, but if you do have a car that’s awesome, let us know when you sign up.

Got all the kit and keen to join?

Just give us your contact details and we’ll call you…