Beginners in the London Surf Club

We were all beginners once, and the club tries to help those who want to improve as much as we can.

For instance:

  • On “official” surf trips (which we organise) we will put you in cars with members who are a little more advanced, so they can share their advice and guidance. Ultimately this helps you stretch your surfing to get you to the next level.
  • We run Surf Clinics throughout the year, these are trips away where qualified and insured instructors help you improve your technique
  • We have also run trips where instructors teach safety and life-saving techniques, so you can identify and avoid dangerous situations.

End of the day, we believe that the more you surf, the more you will improve and going surfing as much as possible is far better than just talking about it!

However: If you are an absolute beginner and have never surfed, or perhaps you’ve only had one session and importantly if you don’t yet have your own kit, then we are probably not for you just yet.

The best thing for absolute beginners is to go to Newquay or somewhere lessons and surf shops are readily available, for a weekend and have at least two surf lessons with a school, and then decide if you want to spend the £300-£400 to buy a wetsuit and board. It’s also an idea but not critical to look into buying kit at the coast, because there’s loads of shops and second-hand bargains.

Importantly, we don’t take people away for a weekend if they don’t have their own kit, as it means having to go the shop first (and wait for it to open) which could mean missing the best waves of the day.

If you need board advice then we can help, you need to let us know if you are a complete beginner or know how to surf (note if you are used to surfing in board shorts, surfing in the UK is very different in regard to board size etc). Basically we have access to a guy who can make a custom made board for you (cheaper than you can buy on ebay).

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If you have all the kit and want to get involved, then go to our How To Join page: Click Here

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