A Typical Surf Trip

The Club has been going strong since 1981, and its purpose is to bring people in London together and help them organise a drive to the waves to have a great surf.

There is not a typical trip, but if there was it would be:

  • Early in the week, the surf forecasts are being checked and, if it’s good, emails start firing around the club with people looking for drivers and passengers.
  • The email could be along the lines of “It looks good on [this coast] this weekend and I’m thinking of driving to [this place] and looking for passengers”
  • Or it might be a passenger with the same idea looking for a driver
  • Between you it’s then time to organize your trip proper… preferably by phone, you liaise with everyone interested to arrange accommodation and a Friday rendezvous e.g. a convenient station. You meet up and drive down to wherever you’re going, and get your head down for the night in the accommodation. On Saturday you could be surfing before breakfast, again before lunch, afternoon and maybe in an evening session too before grabbing an evening meal and maybe a pub to chill out and share stories of the epic waves you’ve caught.
  • On Sunday you would repeat the process until your arms fall off and need to drag yourself away for the journey home.

Accommodation can vary according to availability, the time of year and budget. It’s typically B&Bs, surf lodge, holiday let or static caravan, but in good weather camping is an option.

We surf all over the country all year round. Autumn and Winter are best, although you can get lucky at any time of the year, including sometimes at much closer spots such as Brighton, Bournemouth, Kent and Norfolk. The majority of trips are to Devon and Cornwall but we also surf in Yorkshire, Wales and further afield, all depending on where the conditions dictate, as different winds and swell directions mean that we have the luxury of heading to the best places in the country.

As well as UK trips our members often band together and often travel abroad sharing the costs and adventures, to places like Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Canaries, Costa Rica etc.

The club does not and never will work on huge mass-trip basis When we go down, we just go down in single cars, and even on bigger club-organized trips we never rock up at spots en-mass. We are not an instant crowd, and will go out of our way to avoid the flotsam and jetsam that the UK surf industry has created at the main breaks.

Women make up about 30% of the club, and our membership is well in excess of 120 members.

How often do you surf? – well every weekend when the waves are good, and sometimes during the week too (when it’s classic!). There is always a car heading down somewhere, it is just a matter of looking out for emails.

But, it is important to remember that the surf is dictated by Neptune and Mother Nature, so by saying “I am going surfing on such and such a date in two weekends’ time” is pretty pointless.

The surf in this country can be flat, small or naff for several weeks in a row: so to be a surfer in this country it helps to be able to drop London things at short notice and go then and there when it is good.

Once you join the club, you get a whole plethora of services:

  • You get put on the LSC e-mail list, and have the ability to send and receive e-mails from club members
  • Access to the LSC Members area, with a list of contact details for all members
  • Access to the LSC Forum, where you can post questions, ding repair advice, accommodation help, etc. etc.
  • Access to all LSC events in London and official surf trips (which are subsidised)
  • Oh and there's a monthly meet-up on the last Wednesday of every month (except Dec.) from 8pm at:

All this for only £40 – a bargain at the price and guaranteed to change your life!