Welcome to the

London Surf Club

The London Surf Club was established in 1981, and is the only non-profit organisation for surfers in London ever since.

We pride ourselves on being a very active surf club and surf 24/7, 365 days a year, with our most active time being when the waves are at their biggest - winter.

We surf all over... Yorkshire, Norfolk, Kent, Sussex, Dorset and then the usual Wales, Devon and Cornwall. The advantage of being located in London is that we can head to whichever coast is the best depending on winds and waves.

We are not averse to driving hundreds of miles at a moments' notice, and use our vast expertise of spots all over the country to get the best of what there is.

There have been several impersonators over the years, but we are the only not for profit London organisation whose aim is to surf as much as possible, wherever and whenever the swell is out there you will find LSC members charging it.

As well as surfing all over the UK, we also band together in smaller groups for foreign trips, from Europe, to the Americas, Africa and Asia and beyond.

If you are a surfer living in London, then we guarantee that by joining us you will surf a lot more.