London Surf Club Ethos

The LSC exists to support and encourage surfing by people in London. The key way we do this is by providing the social network and behavioural framework for arranging, giving and receiving lifts to surfing locations.

We are a private members' club. Many people give considerable amounts of time freely for the smooth running of the club and its events. We do not make a profit and nobody gets paid, and the club shouldn't be used as a platform by anyone to seek fame or fortune.

Drivers are the most important asset of the club - without them it wouldn't exist! For this reason we expect the highest standards of behaviour towards drivers on a trip, not leaving rubbish in their cars, and paying your share of petrol costs immediately.

While we want everybody to have a great time on every trip, the priority should always be given to surfing over drinking/partying. If members do choose to drink or party, they must not inconvenience fellow clubbers by keeping them from surfing, being moody, wanting to go home early, being sick, etc. as a result.

We don't discriminate against anybody. Therefore every club event, weekend trip, official trip, etc. should be open to all members.

Surfing is booming and the waters everywhere getting more and more crowded, which can lead to aggression in the water and localism. To try to avoid this we do not organise large trips and will not support minibus or coach trips.

Any action that goes against this ethos may result in withdrawal of membership.