What you need to join the London Surf Club

In a nutshell you need all the kit and the keenness to use it regularly!

By that we mean a surfboard and a wetsuit, and if it's winter, boots, gloves and head gear.

As a club we don't have access to, nor promote the use of rental equipment. When we go on a surf trip we go to several breaks over the period of the trip, and perhaps never return to the place we started, so renting equipment is not viable. Plus the last thing we want to do after several hours driving, is wait for you in a surf shop whilst you try a suit on to see if it fits. That's why we insist that you have all the kit before you join the club.

There is a thriving second hand market for boards and wetsuits within the club, and we can also advise on where and how to buy second hand or new kit outside of the club - but we will not let you join if you don't have the kit.


That said, we can help and advise you on buying the kit if you don't have it.

Help on Board advice:
Good shops / recommended places to get new stuff etc.:

You don't need a car to join the club, as we have drivers in the club. But if you do have a car that is all the better, and you are likely to go on more trips by default - it's up to you.

So either attend one of our monthly meetings to join or you can contact us by e-mail (if you still have more questions).