Value 4 Money

Membership is £40, we guarantee that you will more than make that back on your first trip in savings.

In addition if you go on only 6 surf trips in your first year, we reckon you will have saved at least £700 in costs.


How you make your savings...

  • Sharing petrol costs to say North Devon will more than halve your £100+ petrol bill, just sharing the car with one person will have saved you your membership fee
  • Accommodation costs will also be halved / greatly reduced by sharing with people
  • By going with more adept members you will save time and just go to the best places that day, lessoning your driving around, petrol costs and go to the best places to eat / shop, saving money all the time
  • The club also has a subsidy for drivers, which incentivises them to drive, this in turn means there are more drivers. Clearly the more drivers we have the more you get to go, and the less your costs (no need to hire cars) etc.

There are also several club events that directly give back to members...

  • Summer BBQ, free food & drink - drink your membership fee back!
  • There are several subsidised club events throughout the year like DVD evenings, Sk8 events where food / the costs for running the event are covered by the club
  • Christmas event, some nibbles are provided to help the Christmas cheer and help with the effects of the morning after

Join today you won't look back...