Surf Trips

The club has been going strong since 1981, and its aims are quite simple to put London Surfers in touch with each other and go surfing as often as possible, using a car-share philosophy.


Kite Surfing

There isn't a typical trip, but if there were it might be... On Tuesday / Wednesday you would be checking the surf forecasts and considering where to go, liaising with club members and come Friday meeting at the rendezvous, say at Hammersmith tube.

You'd pile into the car drive down to Devon / Cornwall, arrive late, sleep in the car, tent, hostel or B&B depending on the time of year and who you're with.

Saturday, you'd surf, have brekkie, surf, lunch, surf, evening meal, pub, club or early night. You'd repeat the process on Sunday getting back in time for last tube or door to door service depending on who you're with.


We surf all over the country all year round. In winter the surf is a lot closer - only one hour away in Brighton - so we also surf in Bournemouth and the south coast, plus Kent, Norfolk, Yorkshire, Wales and the usual Devon and Cornwall. All depending on where the conditions dictate, as different winds and swell directions mean that we have the luxury of heading to the best places in the country.

As well as doing local / UK trips our members band together and often travel abroad sharing the costs and adventures, such trips have recently gone to: Eire, France, Spain, Portugal, Canaries, Costa Rica etc. etc.

The club does not work on mass trip basis. You will never see us arriving in a big coach with the club name emblazoned on the side. When we head to the surf, we travel in single cars and even on club organized trips we never rock up at spots en masse.


We are not an instant crowd, and will go out of our way to avoid the flotsam and jetsam that the UK surf industry has created at the main breaks.

Women make up about 30% of the club, and our membership is typically in excess of 100 - 200 members.

How often do you surf? - Potentially every weekend and sometimes during the week too (when it's classic!). There is always a car heading to the coast somewhere; it's just a matter of tuning in to the people who surf most.

But, it is important to remember that the surf is dictated by Neptune and Mother Nature, so saying, I'm going surfing on such and such a date in two weekends' time, just shows a lack of understanding.


The surf in this country can be flat, small or naff for several weeks in a row. To be a surfer in this country you need to be able to drop London things at short notice.

So save up your weekends with mates or partners, by saying I am making a special effort and staying in London this weekend (even if the surf is naff!), so that next time there is surf you can go!!!

Once you join the club, you get a whole plethora of opportunities at your finger tips:

  • You get put on the LSC e-mail list, and have the ability to send and receive e-mails from club members
  • Access to the LSC Members area, with a list of contact details for all members
  • Access to the LSC Forum, where you can post questions, ding repair advice, accommodation help, etc. etc.
  • Access to all LSC events in London and official surf trips (which are subsidised)
  • Oh and there's a monthly meeting on the last Wednesday of every month (except Dec.) from 8.00pm at: Tower Tavern, 21 Clipstone St, London W1W 6BA
    Click here for a map link
  • And much, much more...

All this for only £40 per year - a bargain at the price and guaranteed to change your life!

Come join our surfing family! ;0)