Beginners in the London Surf Club

We as a club try to help those who want to improve as much as possible.

This is done in several ways:

But our philosophy is the more you surf the more you will improve, and by going down as much as possible rather than talking about it is the best way.

If you have never surfed / want to see what it's like, try it out / had one class a year ago in Australia / or any other slight slant on this, then we are NOT for you.

The best thing to do is to go to Newquay for a weekend, have at least two surf lessons with a school, and then decide if you want to spend the £300 - £400 to buy all the kit you need. Ideally buy the kit down there, where there are loads of shops.

If you need board advice this will answer all your questions.

......... if you have read the post above and need more help / advice and want to chat to our LSC Board Guru Click Here

These links will help you along this process:

If you already have all the kit then come on down to our montly meetings and join...